Who is this guy and why should I even pretend to care?



I am 32 years old, bipolar type 2, and registered disabled as a result. I can usually work full time, but unfortunately there are occasions where I can't due to my health so I have decided to use any of that free time to create stuff for the Internet that is hopefully both fun and helpful. Right now I am facing a fairly severe illness unrelated to my disability that my doctors have yet to identify. I am currently waiting on specialist appointments and tests, so now is one of those occasions where I have plenty of time to create what I can from home.



For as long as I can remember, games have been a wonderful outlet and escape from my symptoms. Anxiety has always been easier to manage when I can distract myself with a new video game or make a new Magic the Gathering deck. I plan to bring that perspective to this site, which will focus heavily on games and mental health in general. 

There will be a lot of focus on MTG Arena, the free-to-play online version of Magic on this site because it has been perfect lately for coping with the depression and anxiety I have been experiencing with my current health problems. It's been a great outlet for me and it may be a good choice for you if you find yourself spending a lot of time feeling sick, depressed, or anxious.  



I have a lot of plans in store for the future, but they could take some time to come together so I will only make announcements about anything I know is happening for sure.

Right now, I would be interested in starting a page for guest columns and other content. If writing for that would interest you, feel free to e-mail me although Twitter is probably fastest. I am interested in hearing from anyone who thinks their work would fit in to what I am trying to establish with this site. If that sounds like you, drop me a line!


Life achievements

  · GED education and a failed attempt at an academic bridging program at the University of Toronto.

· Proud owner of two cats, a PS4, and an XBOXOne.

 · Ran for Toronto city council to obstruct a white supremacist.  

 · Once gave a guy a big smooch a la Bug’s Bunny after he called Andrew a “f*ggot” because Andrew had yellow hair at the time. Andrew then fled the scene cackling like a maniac. 

 · Over 1500 followers on Twitter for some inexplicable reason 

 · Cussed out Doug Ford mid-session at Queen’s Park, making the front page of the Toronto Star. 

 · Is nice to animals and doesn’t like people who aren’t. (However: Vegetarianism and veganism is a complicated issue. Don’t @ me with this shit.)

  · Queen Idol participant 2 years in a row. Did alright for himself, even after they changed the rules so judges weighed in on the competitors.

  · Queen Idol participant 2 years in a row. Did alright for himself, even after they changed the rules so judges weighed in on the competitors.

 · Has allowed the time he ran into Quentin Tarantino, James Toback, and Brett Ratner (no joke) while vacationing in LA to go from a fond memory to one that prompts the appropriate shudder and urge for a cold shower. 

 · Made this dumbass website.


Every penny donated will go a long way. I am trying to keep costs cheap for the site itself, but it is very hard to get by on my ODSP alone so any help is greatly appreciated and will be recognized on this site.

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